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Run Jeff!

2013-10-23 02:18:03 by PabMo

New high score game! Description below:

Run Jeff!
Now featuring SUPER RAINBOW MODE (crash into skulls and ignite them in flames while scoring loads of bonus points).

Collect KEYS to unlock item powerups or even a cool pair of shades for Jeff to wear.

Grab the red points multiplier to increase the value of the golden treasures.

Grab the blue bonus multiplier to increase the points awarded for doing certain things.

Avoid the skulls (unless rainbow mode active).

Eat rare HEALTH ORBS to increase health.

Have fun! Compete for a high score!



2010-04-18 15:36:37 by PabMo

Between me and Don (Flashbound18). Plus whoever I cast.

This is for those auditioning for the voice acting required and those wanting to keep updated with this animated series.

I'll keep it updated. From PabMo. Drawing below from Flashbound18.



2009-09-16 04:30:02 by PabMo

After about a week and hours of game time I've earned the 21 medals for Portal Defenders (Favourite + 5/5) and it's a proud moment. I won a few more times but now I'm hoping for a sequel as it would be much loved I'm sure.

Wonder if Luis and BoMToons would be willing?

Update: Since Halloween Mode was added on October 30th 2009 there are now 23 medals. At the moment there's an error with earning the 'Hollow Weiner' medal. But I'm sure I'll have all 23 soon.

Update: This seems to be an unusual occurrence. As I've heard users are having an issue earning 'Konami' rather than the other. When I completed the game in HM I received the wrong medal. I'll update when all is sorted.

I now have all 23 medals.